A dynamic global policy platform for climate change adaptation and nature-based solutions

The need for nature-based solutions

It is known that nature-based solutions enhance and work with natural habitats to help people adapt to the effects of change and disasters. As a key examples there are included included the restoration of coastal ecosystems to protect communities from storm surges and erosion, agroforestry to stabilise crop yields in drier climates, and forest restoration to regulate water supplies and protect communities from flooding and landslides.

In spite of this, nature-based solutions are not being implemented across the globe, and they receive little funding. The first reason is the evidence for the benefits of nature in a changing world is very scattered. Second, there is a lack of knowledge exchange between scientists, policy makers and practitioners: too much ecosystem science is done in isolation from the end-users, and too many adaptation policy decisions are made without considering the science. And the last one is because there is a general lack of appreciation in business and government of our fundamental dependency on nature, especially in a changing climate.

The Nature-based Solutions Policy Platform aims to address these issues through making information about climate change adaptation planning and the use and potential of nature-based solutions across the globe openly available and easy.


Platform users can explore the status and content of countries’ NDCs, including who is adopting nature-based solutions, engineering-based actions, and hybrid and indirect actions

The Nature-based Solutions Policy Platform

This initial version of the Nature-based Solutions Policy Platform showcases adaptation ambitions in the climate pledges of all signatories of the Paris Agreement of UNFCCC (i.e. the Nationally Determined Contributions). The platform highlights the prominence of nature-based solutions to climate change impacts in global policy and links pledges to the underlying science.

On the platform you can:

  1. Explore policies and data in a global analysis or by country and download factsheets, maps and data for analysis, reports and talks;
  2. Understand and compare pledges to see how nations are planning for adaptation and assess the role of nature-based solutions; and
  3. Link directly to the underlying evidence for the effectiveness of nature-based solutions to climate change hazards and impacts.

The goal is to facilitate the global stocktake of the Paris Agreement and provide a baseline against which changes in ambition for nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation can be monitored and increased.





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