IDOM will support Mauritius to develop its First Biennial Update Report (BUR-1)

IDOM has recently started a new project to contribute with the development of the First Biennial Update Report (BUR-1) of Mauritius, which will be coordinated by the company BEA International.

The objectives of this consultancy are:

  • Conduct Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Mitigation Assessment, and Measuring, Reporting and Verification for the different sectors for the period 2014 – 2016;
  • Review/revise 2000 – 2013 GHG Inventories for the different sectors making use of the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for the National Greenhouse Gas Inventories; and
  • Provide appropriate inputs for the different sectors for the preparation of the:
  • National Inventory Report;
  • Following chapters under the Biennial Update Report:
  • National Greenhouse Gas Inventories;
  • Mitigation Assessment;
  • Domestic Measurement, Reporting and Verification; and
  • Constraints and Gaps and related financial, technical and capacity needs, including support needed and received; and Information on level of support received to enable preparation and submission of BUR-1.

IDOM will contribute to these objectives covering the Energy sector (Energy Industries, Transport, and Other), and IPPU sector.

The process will follow a thoroughly participatory approach, involving the key stakeholders in every step of the process. This approach will assist greatly in ensuring the end product delivers value, quality, safety and appropriateness for future implementation of the MRV system.



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