IDOM will support the Dominican Republic to develop a MRV system as part of its First Biennial Update Report (fBUR)

IDOM has recently been awarded to develop a new project in the Dominican Republic: “Consultancy services for the design of a Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system of GHG emissions, developing an operational guidelines and interrelation mechanisms between NAMAs, NDCs, and the National GHG emissions Inventory”.

The main objectives of this consultancy are:

  • Contribute to the strengthening of the conceptual framework and structure of the MRV system, also contributing to avoid any possible double-accounting of emissions, providing specific guidelines to link with future MRV systems, and supporting the country in the reports generation processes required by the UNFCCC.
  • Design a homogeneous registry for the NAMAs and the NDCs, with the corresponding structure, guidelines, and own processes of technical and operative evaluation; as well as proposing a conceptual framework for linking this scheme with the MRV system of GHG emissions.

During the next months, the members of the climate change team will be working closely with the government institutions, the fBUR team, and all the relevant stakeholders involved in this process.

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