Workshops along the Kenyan coast for coastal hazard assessment

IDOM has conducted workshops along the Kenyan coast between the 05th and 08th of November 2018 within the project “Consultancy to conduct a hazard vulnerability assessment for coastal in Kenya”. The aim of these workshops has been the validation of coastal hazards, communities and assets and a brainstorming of climate change adaptation and mitigation options.

Two main groups have attended to the workshop:

  • Group 1: representatives from (i) the Beach Management Units (BMUs), (ii) the artisanal fisheries sector; and (iii) community leaders;
  • Group 2: representatives from (i) international organizations, (ii) NGOs / CSOs, (iii) Government Institutions, (iv) industrial fisheries sector and (v) tourism sector;

The workshop methodology was inspired in both, in the CRiSTAL tool and the Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) approach. The former -CRiSTAL- is a very useful tool for identifying community livelihoods at risk from climate stressors having an impact on the main resources base. The latter-MCA- is a quite relevant approach when identifying and prioritizing climate change adaptation measures.

In order to use a highly participative approach, workshop participants were divided in working groups. All groups had a leader and speaker, plus an expert from the team to facilitate the discussion and delivery of all expected outputs.

Figure 1. Participants of Momabsa workshop

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