Workshops and presentation of draft National Inventory Report (NIR) and draft BUR in the Republic of Mauritius

IDOM is currently contributing with the development of the First Biennial Update Report (BUR-1) of the Republic of Mauritius, which is managed/coordinated by the company BEA International.

The objectives of this consultancy are:

  • Conduct Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Mitigation Assessment, and Measuring, Reporting and Verification for the different sectors for the period 2014 – 2016;
  • Review/revise 2000 – 2013 GHG Inventories for the different sectors making use of the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for the National Greenhouse Gas Inventories; and
  • Provide appropriate inputs for the different sectors for the preparation of the:
    • National Inventory Report;
    • Following chapters under the Biennial Update Report:
      • National Greenhouse Gas Inventories;
      • Mitigation Assessment;
      • Domestic Measurement, Reporting and Verification; and

IDOM is contributing to this project by leading the Energy sector (Energy Industries, Transport, and Other), and the IPPU sector.

During last week (16th – 20th September), our colleague Jose Ramirez and two other members of the international team (Kamlesh Pathak and Vinay Singh) carried out capacity building workshops and the presentation of the draft BUR and draft NIR in the Republic of Mauritius (Mauritius and Rodrigues).

The main objectives of this mission have been:

  • Mauritius: i) Presentation of key findings of the draft NIR (GHG Inventory); ii) Presentation of key findings of the draft chapter on Mitigation assessment; and iii) Presentation of key findings on MRV system.
  • Rodrigues: i) Conduct focused capacity building of representatives who are directly involved in the process for the waste, forestry, crop and livestock sectors; ii) Identify climate change related data and information gathering on past/on-going/planned projects; and iii) Agree on a work plan for submission of all required information.

The workshops had benefited from broad participation by the stakeholders, which were involved in the discussions about data sources and provided a better understanding of the national circumstances related to the climate change mitigation projects and the MRV aspects. All the information generated during these sessions will be considered by the team in next steps to improve the final NIR and BUR reports in order to be more accurate, transparent, complete, consistent, and comparable.

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