IDOM will support Honduras to develop the final financial proposal for the “Sustainable NAMA Coffee of Honduras Initiative” to be presented to the Green Climate Fund (GCF)

Coffee production plays a key role in the Honduran economy, representing around 25-30% of gross agricultural product and around 8% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Coffee plantations cover more than 300,000 hectares at the country level.

GHG emissions from coffee production represent around 2.5% of national emissions. The main emission sources are, among others, the use of nitrogen fertilizers and the inadequate management of timber plantations. There is great potential to transform the Honduran coffee chain towards a culture of sustainable low-carbon production.

The general objectives of this work consist on support the GoH in the development of the full proposal to the GCF for the implementation of the Coffee NAMA. Specifically, the consultancy aims to:

  • Prepare the final financing proposal of the “Sustainable NAMA Coffee of Honduras Initiative” to be presented to the GCF, including all the required/necessary complements and annexes.
  • Integrate to the proposal all the comments received by the GCF after the presentation of the documentation.

The consultancy will be done in close coordination and cooperation with the Government of Honduras and the BCIE staff.

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