At COP25

As a Spanish company, IDOM’s participation at COP25 is indeed opportune. The company is actively taking part of the activities happening in Madrid.

Projects in progress or recently completed by IDOM have been presented at the Conference. Relevant initiatives such as Peru’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) or the Definition of Mechanisms and Networks for Climate Technology Transfer in Latin America and Caribbean (transportation sector) were exposed in side events.

IDOM’s professional staff were present at the Conference, where some interesting initiatives and developments were proposed to tackle forthcoming climate uncertainties.

IDOM ’s Climate change professionals: José Manuel Ramírez, Asier Rodríguez, María Puig y Pedro Muradás (left to right)

In future posts, a general assessment of the activities  and outcomes that happened during these few days will be shared, with the main focus on the results of the high-level negotiations and their possible short and mid-term consequences.

With the Minister of the Environment of Peru, Ms. Fabiola Muñoz

So far, a widespread feeling throughout every national delegation could be reported in advance: There’s an urgent need to decidedly act towards a more socially responsible future, decarbonized and adapted with a minimum impact to the uncertainties of climate variability, in fact already altered climate by developmentalism.

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