IDOM and Climate Change Atelier moved to Honduras for the 1st workshop of the project “Supporting Honduras NDC Partnership Plan: defining implementation pathways for NDC prioritized measures”

Climate Change Atelier and IDOM were awarded to support Honduras NDC Partnership Plan by defining implementation pathway for NDC prioritized measures.

The general objectives of this work consist on support the GoH in the implementation of the mitigation component of the NDC, as well as the advance implementation of the NDC Partnership Plan. Specifically, the consultancy aims to:

  • Identify barriers and opportunities for the implementation of the NDC prioritized mitigation policies and measures in the LULUCF, Energy and Agriculture sectors;
  • Develop implementation pathways for the prioritized policies and measures in the selected sectors that promote adaptation-mitigation synergies and provide recommendations to include gender aspects;
  • Build capacity on mitigation planning and implementation.

During last week (20th – 25th January), Jose Manuel Ramírez García (IDOM) and Juan José Rincón Cristobal (CC Atelier) moved to Tegucigalpa in order to carry out the first capacity building workshop of the project. In addition, they visited, with the World Bank team, other rural areas (Marcala and La Esperanza) in order to see and learn about usual and good practices related to the coffee cultivation and reforestation.

The main objectives of this mission have been:

  • Coordination meetings with the World Bank
  • Bilateral meetings with the key stakeholders to identify and define the specific interventions for implementation
  • Barriers validation workshops
  • Technical visits to Marcala and La Esperanza

The workshops had benefited from broad participation by the stakeholders, which were involved in the discussions and provided a better understanding of the national circumstances related to the prioritized mitigation projects, their legislation, the governance, etc.

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