IDOM will support the IDB Invest to develop a Rating and Action Plan for Resilient Investments in Port Infrastructure

IDOM has been awarded to provide technical assistance to the INTER-AMERICAN INVESTMENT CORPORATION (“IDB Invest”) to develop a rating and action plan for resilient investments in port infrastructure in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

For the purpose of this consultancy, resilience in infrastructure is conceptualized as the ability of the asset to anticipate, absorb and recover from weather shocks and slow-moving changes as well as positively adapt and transform in the face of long-term stresses, change and uncertainty induced by climate change.

This consultancy will support port infrastructure developers to understand climate risks, define the business case to meet resiliency through and by project, and conceive corporate strategies to handle resiliency as early as possible in the lifespan of their assets – beyond the traditional add-on to the core design-build process. This consultancy will disclose new resiliency metrics and action plans for project sponsors to successfully adapt to climate change.

The objective of this consultancy is to develop a rating system of resiliency in port infrastructure that leads to conclude -during the financial closing phase of port infrastructure projects- an action plan to adapt port infrastructure to climate change. The specific objectives of the consultancy are to:

  • develop a resilience rating system of port infrastructure projects;
  • develop a guide for the preparation of action plans during the financial closure phase of port projects to ensure the adaptation of infrastructure to climate change;
  • test the rating system and define action plans in two or three of IDB Invest’s transactions.

The climate change team has already started, in close cooperation with the civil engineering team, to develop the first activities of this consultancy.


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