Climate Action Tracker launches new rating system

The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) has updated its government climate action rating system to better reflect the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C long term warming limit. The new categories help to highlight the adequacy and fairness of government climate commitments for the Paris Agreement.

The CAT has updated its effort-sharing assessment to incorporate the latest science and emission trends, which has changed the ratings for some countries.

The CAT now has expanded to six rating categories instead of the previous four, to properly describe the full range of action, or lack of action, by governments: Role model, 1.5°C Paris Agreement compatible, 2°C compatible, Insufficient, Highly insufficient and Critically insufficient.

The new ratings make it instantly visible—with a better graduation scale—which governmental climate actions are the best and which are the poorest: the CAT now rates countries like the US, Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia as ‘critically insufficient’ and rates Japan and South Africa ‘highly insufficient’.

The ‘sufficient’ category has been divided into 1.5°C Paris Agreement compatible, and 2°C compatible. The 2oC compatible category refers to the 2°C goal adopted in Copenhagen in 2009, now replaced by the stronger 1.5°C limit in the Paris Agreement, providing an historical reference point and bridge to the Paris Agreement-compatible category rating.

In addition to rating countries on their climate commitments, the CAT also provides a rating of each country’s climate action implementation based on a detailed analysis of the policies and regulations designed to achieve their targets that a country has put in place.

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