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IDOM will support Argentina to develop a guide to promote climate change resilient and low emission infrastructures

IDOM has been awarded to support the Secretary of Sustainable Development and Environment of Argentina and the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) to develop a project in Argentina named: “Guide to address sustainability in infrastructure projects: climate change resilient and low emission infrastructures”.

The main objective of the guide that will be developed, is to consider and incorporate environmental sustainability and climate resilience variables in the planification of infrastructure projects, as well as for the different stages of its life-cycle (planification, design, construction, operation and maintenance, and end of service). This guide will ensure the consideration of adaptation and mitigation measures to climate change in infrastructure projects in the country.

The guide will be focus in the following infrastructure project type in accordance to these 4 main sectors:

  • Transport (road and railways)
  • Energy (conventional generation and renewable)
  • Social facilities (health, education and justice)
  • Environmental facilities (integrated management of the water cycle and waste management)

For this purpose, a multidisciplinary team will be working in the development of the guide, that will include:

  • General guidelines to incorporate climate change mitigation and adaptation aspects in the infrastructure projects of the abovementioned sectors.
  • Mitigation strategies based on the GHG emissions of each infrastructure project.
  • The guide will also include a monitoring, reporting and verification component enabling the evaluation of the infrastructure resilience.